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The Artist Lima Jr.

Self-taught painter, Lima Jr. uses the technique of oil on textured canvas. His artistic tendency is a modern figurative, representing
dreams and infant fantasies that live inside us. He pictures on a fantastic way playful scenes, circus figures, musicians and landscapes, daily and from other times. The past, the present and why not, the future… His characters are figures from his imagination, but the themes, clothes, environment are the result of deep studies about the manners and everything that surrounds one character of a specific era. His work belongs to all places and times...

As an artist, but especially as a gallery owner and curator, I know numerous excellent artists from many countries. Most of them have developed a personal style and painting techniques of their own, which is not at all easy, as “almost everything” has already been done in art. The art of Lima Junior is all the more remarkable. Not only are his whimsical figures and pictorial compositions unusual. The idiosyncrasy of his paintings arises from the mix of style elements reminiscent of Picasso's cubism with details that could come from comic books, but also from the combination of warm and cool colors, as well as the play of light and shadow. Showing the joy of life and radiating optimism, Lima Junior's paintings prompt a smile everywhere; they are fitting in the office as well as in the homes of young and old alike. Through his art, Brazilian artist Lima Junior affirms that the hardships of everyday life are easier to overcome with humor and a positive attitude to life.


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