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Linnea L. Tober, Metamorphosis Gallery

Havre de Grace, MD

I have been an artist in one way or another my entire life. It is what I was put here to do, it is my passion, my everything. While I enjoy working with paint and mixed-media for years; I work extensively in photography as of late. I focus specifically on nature and digital photographic abstractions. I adore the thrill of creating my unique and fluid ‘digital paintings’. The ways in which I can play with color and movement, my two favorite elements. My photographic process is a bit unconventional as compared to other photographers. Since I have trained as a painter first and foremost, my main concern when photographing is the arrangement of colors, how they interact and play off of one another. I am constantly thinking of what my photos can be transformed into….colors, textures, shadows; I am always creating visuals in her mind as I photograph nature and the world around me. It is this artistic way of thinking that allows me to create the unique, flowing, organic and vibrant ‘nature photographic abstractions’. I strive for a painterly outcome in my digital abstractions and, based on the responses from her collectors and admirers alike, she has indeed achieved this success. My work has been compared to Georgia O'Keeffe and is often heard being discussed in galleries by viewers with such questions as, “That was a photograph?” and “What was it to begin with and how does she do that?”

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