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Lisa Bartell lived in Upstate New York for nine years until her family moved to the land of RC Cola, Moon Pies, Jimmy Dean Sausage, the Cotton Carnival, Elvis Presley, the Blues and “Whites Only” drinking fountains. The land was Memphis Tennessee. Bartell’s early interaction with southern racism and southern icons, combined with a challenging childhood, gave her a strong empathic and somewhat humorously sarcastic world view.

Bartell was always interested in becoming an artist, attending the Memphis Art Academy as a teenager. She went on to study painting and drawing at Temple Universities’ Tyler School of Art. Bartell received a BFA at Kent State University and an MFA at the University of Memphis. Bartell began her career as a graphic designer and illustrator. She has taught art at the elementary through college level. In 2002 life events compelled her to return to subjective painting.

Bartell,s Art of Where shop contains pillows designed from her 2012 Flora Transformed series, inspired by the continuous changes in personal identity.

"I begin each painting with an original drawing of a flower, distorting and exaggerating lines and shapes as I draw. Translating this image on canvas is a creative process in which the image and surrounding space become increasingly abstract. I’m never fully aware of the final composition. The stem of the flower becomes more and more elongated; petals and leaves unexpectedly twist from one direction to another; an area of light and calm shifts to dark or bold color; brushstrokes move from delicate and defined to spontaneous and dramatic. All of this unexpected transformation in line, form and color, is symbolic of alterations to identity and the growth of self awareness."

Bartell is currently creating abstract figurative oil paintings. You can see her recent work at


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