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Luv-u Market

Southern California

Lisa is a self taught artist whose works are photography, as well as acrylic and mixed media paintings. She also creates wonderful prints of her artwork onto clothing and other merchandise which can be used in the home or given as gifts. Lisa combines her background in spiritual healing with her love of expressing joy by creating colorful works of art. She relies on her intuitive skills and insight to capture the emotions that she feels, and translates it onto paper, canvas and the digital screen. Lisa also loves to spend time in nature looking for inspiration. She's always thinking about creative ways to bring about love and shares it with others.
Lisa lives with her husband of 13 years and spends time creating, sharing and loving with her 3 cats.

Note: All designs were originally done on either canvas or water color paper.( except for the solid color clothing) It is then scanned by a professional machinery touched up and uploaded. I reproduced some colors from the original works of art so that way you could mix and match the outfits in my collections. When purchasing a piece of clothing and placement of design is important, please look at both front and back when deciding to first purchase.


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