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M Christine Morris

Raleigh, NC

Most of my life, I have believed that my creativity lent itself solely to problem solving and big picture thinking. I have always been in awe, and a bit envious, of people with artistic talent – my brother as a prime example – a self-taught musician and artist from a young age. It all seemed to come so naturally.

During childhood, I read anything and everything that I could get my hands on, and dabbled in a bit of creative writing. I also played piano, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion instruments (marimba, xylophone, bells, etc.), but it never came easily or naturally. Visually, I have always loved drinking in the world – whether it was people watching, star gazing, or traipsing through museums – it was all fascinating. Earlier this year, after a layoff, I decided to take some art lessons to see if I could stretch my creative muscles.

As it’s turned out – it’s been a whirlwind year of discovery, and it feels like home… I honestly had no idea that such a large chunk of my psyche had been missing for what likely will be half of my life! I have learned a few things along the way:

• Creative expression is freeing and cathartic.
• Turns out anyone can “art”- given:

o Basic Instruction/Direction
o Lots of practice

The trick is learning how to draw what you SEE rather than what you KNOW. I can actually see values now – it’s pretty remarkable.

I don't know why that the practice thing was such an epiphany for me - anything we strive to be good at we have to practice. Even the most amazing soccer players are still out there on the field honing their craft. Even the most gifted musician still puts in time practicing and learning...

You should foster a willingness to:
o Experiment and Learn

• Science of Art (and Life)
• The only failure is not learning from life’s lessons

o Let GO

• Forgive yourself for not being perfect
• Laugh (a lot)

o Stretch your muscles

• Go outside of your comfort zone

My style can best be described as eclectic, leaning towards abstractions, but also dabbling in landscapes, portraits, and fantasy. My mediums of choice are pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media, but I also love love love colored pencil and graphite as well – depends on my mood and the subject. I am currently experimenting a bit with oil and wax – anything to give texture.

I gravitate towards impressionism and expressionism, and strive to evoke an emotional response from viewers of my work. The best compliment I’ve gotten has been from a family member who recently said, “I don’t understand abstract art, but I really like this one – it makes me feel warm and happy inside!”

Above all, my best advice is to be passionate, curious, and patient - life is good, and far too short to be afraid! A lifelong love of learning and a good sense of humor has carried me far in this world – looking forward to future artventures…



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