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Mandy Grotie

Portland, OR

Mandy Grotie is a funky visual artist who believes that life is meant to be full of color! She currently lives in Portland, OR with her soulmate Mitchell and boxer puppy Nova. She moved there from the Midwest to follow her dreams and share her vision.
Mandy got her degree in Physiology at the University of Minnesota in 2011. After graduating, her heart’s passion soon took over. Art was in her veins, creating was in her breath. She taught herself a majority of what she needed to know to create her visions. She has won competitions with Pabst Blue Ribbon and was the 2014 resident Portland Pabst artist, doing live art gigs and painting Pabst on many surfaces, drinking beer and creating all in one!
Mandy is a weird, upbeat and positive, funky Portland gal who would love to share her art with you! I’m in the sky, come find me in the clouds!


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