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Marcella Rose

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

Minnesota artist, Marcella Rose traces her artistic roots and love for the natural world back to her formative years on a farm in western Minnesota. After earning a degree of art education, she embarked upon a career in illustration and product design that took her to Phoenix, Kansas City and Spokane. Acting upon a long-held desire to focus on her core passions for oil painting, sculpture and jewelry design, she then moved to Santa Fe, where she was represented by the Downey Gallery on Canyon Road. More recently, she returned to Minnesota where she resides on Prairie Lake, just north of Pelican Rapids.
Marcella presently is represented by galleries in Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington and Idaho. Her art mainly encompasses wildlife, horses, bison, waterfowl and the feminine figure in oil paintings, bronze sculpture, and cast jewelry. “Nimuué Essence”, a line of cast jewelry; and the expansion of her studio/gallery in downtown Pelican Rapids. She is originator and authentic artist for the Glacial Minnesota Woman Organization, raising public awareness through art education and imagery honoring the 20,000-year-old (oldest in North America) archaeological discovery found within a mile from her home.
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Long Scarf by Marcella Rose

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