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Maria Faith Garcia

United States

Bold. Bright. Inspired.

To Maria Faith Garcia, every piece of fabric is an opportunity for fun, and every pillow an explosion of color. The award-winning graphic designer creates artful pieces that will both lighten your home, and brighten your day. From flowers to stripes, Maria’s fun-filled patterns are inspired by natural beauty; evoking the calm of the seashore, the rich red of a sunset, and bringing lions, kookaburras and tree frogs to life in vivid color.

In her Los Angeles County studio, Maria playfully combines her modern design aesthetic with traditional imagery. Her work has won accolades from Spoonflower’s international textile competitions, and she is sought after for her sophisticated use of color, pattern, and graphics. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Maria Faith Garcia’s inventive style continues to evolve and inspire. Add a splash of sunlight yellow to your living room, or snuggle up with one of her luxurious throws. Bold, bright, and beautiful, Maria’s work is delightfully comfortable, and visually enchanting.


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