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Marianne H Nielsen

Ottawa Ontario

I create vibrant, colourful, organic alcohol ink and acrylic paintings with music playing a large role in my creative process by influencing the fluidity and movement of my art. I work in layers, scraping and blending until I feel the final result represents my intention, which is often inspired by the memories the music evokes.

When creating with alcohol inks there is limited control as I allow the inks to flow on the paper often gently guiding them with blowing through a straw or using an air compressor. I often create in a few layers protecting each layer so as not to affect the lower layer. Many of my alcohol inks are adhered to a cradled wood canvas after which I coat the painting with resin for a hard and glossy shine allowing the colours to pop.

For my acrylic paintings are created intuitively without a plan other than my colour choices. I begin each work with looser, cooler shapes, and as the layers are added I find myself moving to a warmer palette to finish each piece, mirroring my road from darkness to light.

While painting I experience freedom in creative expression, a release of my inner critic, and each creation leads me further on my path towards gentleness and joy!


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