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Matthew Z

Montreal, Quebec

I'm a born and raised Montrealer and drawing enthusiast. Early on in childhood I developed a passion for drawing with ink pens. Even though ink still remains my favorite medium of expression -over the years- I have also taken on a keen interest in digital artwork and photo manipulation. As a frequent traveler and mover, these two mediums have proven to be my very convenient companions; though, I still dream of venturing into much more unfamiliar territory in the future.
I tend to work at a very slow pace and like to consider my creative time as a very reflective and meditative process... and, of course, an excellent chance to listen to great music, which I think is a huge influence on my artwork. Aside from that, I have always strived to make things that are cool looking and/or inspiring (to me anyway). Some people describe my work as Abstract, Surreal, Psychedelic, or whatever; but personally, I could never really describe it convincingly as anything other than my drawings, and that I love doing them.


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