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Mellie Test

Rifle, CO

I'm an intuitive healing artist, and I channel high vibrational energies into my work. Original artwork is ALIVE. It changes the energy of a space. Which makes each piece into a PORTAL. A KEY to and magnifier of your own magnificence.

My artwork becomes a CATALYST to help you reach a higher vibrational plane. When you're aligned, you've created space for new wealth and abundance and love and opportunity in your life. This art creates a new vibration and holds the space for you to MATCH the energy and call your desires to you. My intention is to lift you into perfect alignment.

HOW I CREATE: I tune into the energies as I paint, setting intentions and creating the space for high vibrational frequencies to infuse each stroke. Then I witness as the imagery unfolds before me. This includes my enchanted pet portrait art, which isn't sketched or planned. The painting itself always tells me where to go and when it’s finished – it’s an intuitive journey, and a powerful one at that! As I create I can feel the Universe – Source – Divine Guidance - my Higher Self - gently guiding my color choices and markmaking.

And I KNOW that each piece comes forth to summon its new home. It’s truly a sacred experience, and it's my soul purpose to be able to create a sacred and potent container in the presence of which your own frequency can rise, and for your manifestation power to rise.

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