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Lemons Plus Life

Gainesville, FL

Lemons Plus Life. Isn't that how life is? Full of the sour and sweet...the good and the bad? Lemons Plus Life photography, artistic designs, home decor, fashion & accessories are designed to inspire you, motivate you to endlessly create your space in which to live life, and to enhance your inward and outward beauty. Artist and Designer, Nan Riddle, creates artistic expressions for home & living with you in mind...to help you create your signature space to live, laugh and make memories along with fashion accessories to inspire you and allow your signature glow to take center stage. She's a Lemons Plus Life kind of girl...always looking for the wonder in even the simple gifts of life and bringing them to you in accessories, clothing, paper products, stationery, wall art, home decor and bags & totes to inspire, refresh and renew. Lemons Plus Life helps you make happiness a lifestyle!


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