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Oladesign, Olga Cuttell

Vancouver area, BC, Canada

My name is Olga Cuttell. I'm a happily married mother with two wonderful kids. I'm also the artist behind my family's business, which we call Oladesign. I love painting, pottery, photography and dancing until I drop. I've been painting professionally since 2007 and I'll never look back. My art is almost all nature based, as I believe the greatest source of inspiration in life is to be found in nature, and the recognition of our part in it.

Oladesign features the art of Olga Cuttell; presented in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Her product line includes fine art prints on paper (in three sizes) and canvas, as well as pocket mirrors (featuring art on the backside), glass pendants, phone cases and, of course, a wide selection of original paintings.


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