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Oneironautics is a platform where we can bring forth a little bit more of what we’d like to be seeing in the world, offer our musings in ways that others can enjoy, and also simply play with our ideas and dreams. Alex crafted the word “oneironautics” to embody the idea of exploring possibilities and perspectives through dreaming. Adventuring through your dreams of sorts. We don’t necessarily or exclusively mean the “dreams” you have during your REM cycles of sleep. Your dreaming could be done in whatever activity brings you into flow state or whatever relaxes your mind and allows for love, creativity, and higher perspective to infiltrate your consciousness.

We are playing with the various ways we can come up with to integrate intentionality and lucidity into art, clothing, and lifestyle. We set our original designs to prints and accommodating clothing to bring more energy to the types of products we want to see more of in the market. There are more projects, creations and dreams that we would like to make into realities and offerings. We can’t wait to pursue the development of these other ventures as our business grows in capability, responsibility, intention and expression.


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