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Oregon Annie Artwear

Portland, Oregon USA

Annie Painter is an artist, designer and lifelong arts educator based in Portland, Oregon. The hand painted and tooled paper collage techniques she applies to online design templates were developed over decades of teaching and creating. The same collage techniques used for beanies, scarves and leggings were enjoyed by thousands of students in her color and design workshops in the US and the Mariana islands.

Her collections and inventions are intended as specialty art pieces to add a little drama to almost any outfit or occasion. Be bold. Dance, workout, be the art at a gallery opening, walk the dog or just relax in a little Oregon Annie (R) Artwear.

COLLECT TRULY UNIQUE KIMONOS, LEGGINGS, CARDS, BEANIE CAPS, SCARVES, DRESSES, PRINTS and ongoing new work. Email Annie anytime at [email protected] NOTE: BEANIES RUN SMALL. and are not floppy on the head unless you are ordering an adult size for a child. Otherwise they are nice bright cozy caps.
PLEASE NOTE: (Info from Art of Where:)
"Items purchased from the Artist Stores are in most cases not returnable. This is due to the fact that the Artist has been paid a commission on the purchased item.Items are not returnable due to sizing issues. Since all garments are printed and made-to-order, we cannot replace/remake a garment that was not ordered in the correct size. Please choose the correct size by referring to our measurement charts." CLICK ON THE AOW icon (upper left) to visit the site for information on complete return and refund policies and sizes." Then please...come back to me! Thank you. Oregon Annie (R) . YOUR ORDER WILL BE PRINTED, CUT AND SEWN ON DEMAND AT ART OF WHERE so preparation, printing, sewing, packing and shipping to you can require 2 weeks or more depending on your order.



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