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Framingham, Massachusetts, United States

Note: To clarify the confusion regarding the Pachek name, it is important to understand that it was my father's last name. And, while I never knew him, I have always felt that my artistic talent came from him. Therefore, 60 years ago I started using his last name for my art. It was my way of paying tribute to this man I never knew.

Pachek (aka) Robert Prentice Gividen

I was born in Utah in 1940, and have always known, even as a child, that art would play a major role in my life. My love of travel, exploration, and studying all forms of art has been the basis behind my works. I am a published author, musician and artist.

I attempt to exemplify my use of abstract form and gestures with detailed realism as a means of communicating emotion and thought. I have a strong belief that meaning is conveyed through our languaged reality. Detail and vivid colors personify my style.

After graduating, I spent over 10 years, traveling and studying throughout Europe and Asia. I am a self-taught artist and continue to explore all uses of various medium (Oil, Acrylic, Pen & Ink and Digital) as used by artists around the world.

One of my most productive periods was in 1996/2003 when I produced over 235 painting ranging from abstract and surrealism, to photo-realistic art. I have always painted using my father's name of Pachek as I believe that my talent has come from him even though I never knew him.

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