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Paris DiPersico

Montreal, QC, Canada

“My art is my journey towards inner peace, my purpose, being faithful to my God, and being faithful to myself...striving for serenity, self realization, and nirvana. It is my way of communicating with the world without being misinterpreted or misunderstood. My art succeeds where my words fail sometime. These are my thoughts, my ideas , and my opinions. My story , my journey , and my foot print.

I believe we all must have an identity in this world. Being born a diamond is like having royal blood, but we must give our royal blood a royal influential soul as well. Create a beautiful story, a magnificent legacy, write your own obituary, and make every second of your journey magical. Be the craftsman who cuts himself into the most precious diamond… a priceless one. We get one life and one stay, simply one notebook and one bird of a pencil. You can cut it’s feathers and cage it , or kiss its head and release it . Our lives and minds should constantly be occupied with thoughts and feelings. Feelings and thoughts of self love, self respect and self appreciation. A head full of dreams... hope, love, visions, sensations, visualizations, satisfaction, power, victory, always smelling your next triumph, feeling the weight of your crown, loving the comfort your throne…

And, remember that the world is your stage and you only get to perform once. So put on your best mask and give an Oscar worthy performance! And never forget that your first impression never gets a second chance.” Paris DiPersico


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