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Montreal, Quebec

When I was a child I was deathly afraid of heights. My brothers would make fun of me because I would not get on a roller coaster or an elevator with windows. I was afraid to even look at the little crack between the elevator frame and floor. My oldest brother was a rock climber and wanted to help me get over my fear so I would be able to enjoy a sensation that he love so much. He took me to the mountains and taught me how to belay and rappel. After a while I was confident enough to climb about ten meters before having to come down still never looking down, still terrified of heights.

I enjoyed the technical challenge of climbing the rocks so I pursued, with a friend, indoor rock climbing at the local gym. One day my climbing buddy showed me a video of someone walking unattached on a line between two rocks 875 meters high. Just watching the video scared me but I began to think, “if this person is able to walk on this rope, why am I afraid of an elevator?” I told my friend somewhat jokingly, “Lets go get a piece of webbing like that and start walking!” he answered right back, “Lets do it!” We went to the rock gym and bought a piece of webbing immediately. In the park we attached it between two trees a couple feet off the ground and began trying to walk. It was not as easy as the guy in the video made it seem, let alone thousands of feet off the ground. After a couple of days of trying we were finally able to balance on it for a couple seconds, then longer and longer. A week later I was able to walk most of the 8 meter-long line we had set up every day. The feeling of balancing on a moving rope became addicting.


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