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Sydney Australia

Unique. Stylish. Creativity.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at the Piper & Nutmeg.

My name is Michelle Pall, Creative Director and Founder of Piper & Nutmeg.

Ever since I was young I’ve loved being creative & not to forget my obsession with craft stores, I could spend hours (which equals lots of $$’s!) in there.

For the past 20 years I have been working in Education where I have been fortunate to express creativity using a variety of techniques from classroom signage to Stage Manager for Productions. This has definitely enhanced my love of being creative & desire to share it with others.

Creative interests include: Paper craft, Photography, Papier-toile, Decoupage, Interior Decorating, Graphic Design and new love of Mixed Media, Digital Design and Handlettering. This list continues to grow as I learn new ways to develop my creativity. Some of my other fond interests: Antigravity Aerial Yoga, Travelling, Music, Cycling, spending time with my husband, family & friends.

Want to delve further into my designs? Piper & Nutmeg is on all social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Michelle :)


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