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Marianne Simonin

London, UK

Primarily a painter, I work with oils to obtain a contrast of textures and layers. My inspiration comes from being mostly attuned to natural surroundings, be it the sea or wide-open spaces. By connecting with the primordial elements of water, earth, fire, air or space, my compositions move beyond landscape reproductions and seek to express emotions or states of mind. I also like working in charcoal and coloured inks depending on the subject I want to explore.

Photography plays also an important role in my artistic expression, which can become a final statement, or used during my travels as a way to capture inspiring shapes and forms, as well as colour schemes for future projects.

I frequently travel alone to remote areas of India or other countries to find inspiration, and spend many days in silence, observing, while moving from place to place. The titles that I use are part of the creative process, and in many occasions they initiate the work.

I also like designing using my own original Fine Art work as a starting point, which I then manipulate to explore a new dimension to the creative process.

My studio is in London (UK) where I have lived for many years.



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