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Renate Donnovan

Kitchener, ON

Art is health. At the heart of my well being has always been some type of creative expression. In my early 20's, when struggling with clinical depression, art and creative expression were at the centre of my recovery. Now, in my private practice as a counseling hypnotist and transformation coach, I incorporate mindfulness doodling and positive affirmation coloring sheets with my clients to support their well being!

The designs you will find on this site are a combination of doodles made for my own pleasure and content that was specifically created as coloring sheets, or colorable products designed to support recovery.

Coloring combines Art Therapy and Meditation! It releases stress and creates a state of PLAY! I hope these fun, exciting and inspirational products bring you many hours of relaxation and fun!

Please visit my website for other non-colorable products that release stress and promote relaxation, such as my free relaxation cd and a selection of interviews and webinars!

To Your Health through Art!!


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