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Savannah Taylor Studios

Honolulu, HI

Savannah Taylor is the owner and artist behind Savannah Taylor
Studios. Savannah grew up in Seattle and earned her Bachelor’s of
Fine Art from Pacific Lutheran University. Before relocating to
Honolulu from Seattle, she was inspired to dive into the world of colorist expressionism through the medium of alcohol ink. Immediately grasped by the
transformative and therapeutic nature of the painting process, she
fell in love with the medium. The colors, how they move and
change, the vibrancy of the pigments; Savannah finally found the perfect vehicle to express her interpretation of the world through color.

As a creative and entrepreneurial woman, Savannah loves to inspire
those around her to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.
Life is unwritten; dreams can dare to take shape in any way you see fit. Savannah
wants to inspire others that the potential within you is limitless, if you dare to believe in yourself.


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