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Racine, WI

WELCOME TO MY STORE! My name is Dawn Mader and I'm a Canadian Born Artist and Instructor that has spent years bringing women together through painting. I've instructed hundreds of workshops, classes and private parties. Most of the art you'll be seeing here was created in my workshops and new art will be introduced as well.

My Art Career transformed in 2007 when four fabulously fine females opened “The Frolicking Femme Art Boutique, Mount Dora, Florida, FL. (Lindy, Sonya, Kathy and myself) My tribe in Mount Dora expanded with the incredible female community of Artists, Therapists, Coaches, Yoga Instructors and more. This environment of strong, connected women sparked the Intuitive and Mandala workshops where women shared their deepest emotions through their paintings.

SEDONA SISTERS - This was born from a very magical trip to the Vortexes with three precious friends. We formed an amazing unbreakable sisterhood and bond. This is one of the many reasons I will always advocate for the connection of women of the world. Once bonded, never broken. I'd say my connection with my girls has INSPIRED to create this store.

OUR ART; My husband created the very cool geometric designs that are perfect for these outfits; and I created all the Intuitive/femme designs. We are both very traditional in how we create the original Art, so there is no photoshop or digital art here. My clothing line has comfort, expression and inspiration built into every fiber. My goal is for YOU BEAUTIFUL WOMEN to feel Magical, Energized with comfort. ENJOY.

Dawn Mader
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