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Sophia Buddenhagen

Houston, TX

My abstract paintings consist of color, random words, letters and numbers. I use mixed media such as acrylic, water color, spray paint, ink, and oil paint sticks to enhance the visual and textural aspects of my work. When I work with my various media I am reminded that each layer, color and stroke is a layer of moment in time, whether it being now, the future or the past. I begin a piece by creating a white wash followed by a water color wash. I know a piece is done when the layers work well with each other and the color and composition is balanced. I create the work I do to reflect upon my life, current, past, future experiences, thoughts, dreams and imaginations. I go through my process of layers, mediums and colors in hopes that the viewer can enjoy what I put into it and get something out of it. My goal is to continue keeping it real. My paintings have multiple layers just as people do. The layers of life, things we have done, thoughts that have gone through our minds, choices we make, places we have been and so forth. I use lettering and numbers to represent places, sometimes it can be words, phrases, places, birthdates, dates of special days, flight numbers, airport terminals, seat numbers, passport numbers, confirmation codes, random mixes of letters and numbers or just used for compositional purposes. In addition to abstract art I paint birds, waves and surfers. I am continually evolving my work. I am always pushing my boundaries. I continue to explore the meaning of my work and how I approach the subject. I believe art is a way to help people learn more about themselves and expand upon their creativity and to become more aware of their world and people around them.


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