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Stacey-Robin H. Johnson

New York

I'm a mixed media collage artist living and creating in New York City. My work is best classified as Black Art. I've exhibited my work both domestically and internationally, in group and solo exhibitions and through private collectors.

Mixed-media collage allows for a high-degree of experimentation with materials and techniques, bring together skills and interests, for example, photography and sculpture, that might not otherwise seamlessly co-exit. As a self-taught artist, I find the experimental aspect of mixed-media collage very appealing as well as, it's ability to facilitate visual the storytelling of people, places, events and ideas.

I believe art should be accessible without regard to an ability to afford it -- many cannot. By making some of my work available for purchase in wide array of affordable and functional formats, I aim to share my art in way that is both affordable and very creative.


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