Minneapolis, USA

Gina Nicolae Johnson was born in Romania and moved to the USA in 2005. Writer, journalist, novelist, poet (author of three poetry books and four art books) and artist - painter. 'I am in love with the canvas and creating with beautiful colors. It is so easy for me to 'write a poem', but instead with a brush, colors, and a variety of media, but particularly onto canvas. It makes me feel good about being able to share the gift of art with others. In painting, I discovered myself to be one artist more profound, delicate, with my imagination exploring everywhere, every single corner of the Universe and behind. There are no limits in painting. The first time I started painting was at the young age of 4 years old. I will always remember my grandmother telling me to be careful with the colors and not make mess in the house. I transfer in my painting everything I have discovered about Love, Humans, Life, Nature, Animals and many more subjects that are primordial to us, in order to see with an open mind and welcoming spirit. Inspiration is abundant, from love the flowers, delight at a beautiful sunset, or the ocean, a bird chirping, the sky and a day when I can see colors in front of my eyes. In the same manner, I like the abstract art, painting subjects that can be easy to translate into realism if you have an eye for this style. I enjoy being able to paint from images dreamt at night, from what I see with my mind, it makes me want more and to share with everyone the joy I have when a painting is finished. Painting captivates to the point that I don't even notice the passing of time".



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