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Mariana Puig Cuéllar

Miami Florida

Not so long ago there was a princess in a far away land. This princess had a dream... Nah this is not that story, but since you asked... I will tell you an average story of an amazing idea.

Several months ago I was bored and poor. People in my school were getting corporate jobs yet that’s not for me. I decided to buy things online and spend all my savings in some of the most amazing yet unnecessary stuff. So after buying all my swag, people started to notice my cool acquisitions and started to wonder where to buy them.

After some time, I decided to share my secrets and built my own e-store to show all those amazing things I love. A week later I made some sales which made me very happy. It was at that moment when I realized that something exceptional happened. I understand that many people love unicorns as much as I do, and girls love weird stuff and even some nerdy things.

Right now I'm just starting, and there are many plans for the future. New lines, and some designs made by me.

But for now, enjoy all my carefully curated products. I just made your life easier so you can find all that cool stuff that is hidden online and your are dying to get.

And well, for me, I'm just a girl obsessed with unicorns. (and still poor)


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