Swift Creek Designs - Wiebe Boersma  picture

Swift Creek Designs - Wiebe Boersma

Bellingham, WA USA

Swift Creek Designs is the creative works of Wiebe (Vee-buh) Boersma. Wiebe was born in the Netherlands, and immigrated to the U.S. when he was a young kid. His family settled in the foothills of Mt. Baker and the North Cascades, outside the small town of Maple Falls, Washington. From a young age, his family sought the serenity the outdoors provide, and they spent a lot of time exploring the surrounding area. Wiebe has carried his appreciation for the outdoors into his adult life. The diverse natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, with its convergence of salt water and snow capped peaks, has provided him an infinite supply of inspiration; for his artwork, well-being, and life. Thank you for dropping by and checking out these creative works!


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