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Alex Pfaff / Canadian SwissAlex Creations

Halifax, NS, Canada

Artist Biography
Alex Pfaff was born 1961 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. He predominantly paints in acrylic on canvas
and ink on paper. He is self-taught, passionate, ambitious and has a committed eye to detail and
Immigrating to Canada in 1995, he operated and owned SwissAlex Bakery in Manitoba where he
created wedding cakes, European breads and amazing pastries.
In 2004, Alex chose Halifax, NS, Canada, as his home where he is intrigued by nature and inspired by
the native people from around the world. And finally, in early 2014 his painting career took off! Since
then, he has participated in many solo and group shows. Alex self-published 2 coloring books of his
own ink drawings, which were appreciated by many coloring book lovers!
His artwork is quickly becoming well recognized and sought after. Alex's art is in private collections in
Canada and around the world.


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