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Nuriootpa South Australia

My Journey as an artist started in March 2017, I had only attempted a few cartoon drawings for my children when they were little but i never studied art nor had much interest in it either, i am on the autism spectrum, so for me, it means i have a big brain. I studied and was passionate about science, but when university was not my area of ability i turned to psychology and counselling but never art. when i found my gift, i was more shocked than anyone and it took a great deal of convincing to get me here. now i am an artist, i can see my gift, but still, there is so much to learn about this new world i find myself in.

So from some doodles I did in Jan 2017, a push from a girl who was an arts graduate to go play with canvases and paint, and a lot of encouragement from some amazing people I am now officially an Australian artist. I showed my first piece on Face book March 2017. From that journey I was blessed to end up with a Contract with Lloyd's auction house Australia in March 2018 and I am already selling some of my creations I love that i can also see my beautiful work on Clothing, Fabrics, or a print and that in itself is just amazing, now i have so many ways to share my heart and passion for my work.

I have no idea where this is heading or how far I will go in my learning curve, there are so many styles and techniques available to me to experiment with. I love to learn the rules but as you will also see I also love to experiment and work out why the rules are in place by breaking them and seeing what happens. just between us sometimes the contradictions are what makes that piece great and its the best fun. I hope you enjoy my experiments and if you do end up buying something , thank you so much , I am only limited by how much funds I have to invest , not by my imagination



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