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Tessa Smits

Benahavis Spain

I’m Tessa Smits a Dutch artist living in Spain. Almost 10 years ago I realized my heart was in painting. But with a master in Business administration I knew I had to radically change my life in order to follow my heart. I had no idea how to do that so while I was still working as a marketing professional I also started getting art lessons and tried to paint everything from a Rembrand to a Picasso just to learn and find out who I am as an artist. In 2015 I decided to focus solely on my art work and I moved to Spain because here I have been given the opportunity to live on low budget en feel I have more space to create. To improve my painting techniques and find my own style I still experiment a lot and paint different styles. With every painting I learn something about myself as an artist. What colors do I like, what techniques fitt me and what kind of paintings make my heart sing. This is the process I’m in now, and that is why I will share a lot of experimental things an art paintings with you. And know that when you buy a painting you will support my yourney of being an artist. Thank you!


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