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Tha Plug Wear is gear for the rival. This clothing was inspired by perfection. We now have appearial constructed by major distributors threw out the United States, Canada and beyond. If your looking for gear with creativity inspiration and meaning. Look at That Plug Wear as your future creative appearial, gear and clothing! Inspired by Hip Hop rap artist Playa Panne aka That Plug from the city streets of Memphis TN. This artist went all the way with some of the designs and appearial ideas he comes up with. I Steven McKenly narrator for this hot new rap artist Playa Panne also now support and Wear all of his products and gear. Because I love an artist that puts so much inspiration into there clothing and lable design. Also support Playa Panne music on Apple music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon and all major distributors. Support this hot new artist music as well as gear! Playa Panne aka Tha Plug support! Also send us a friend request on Facebook today happy shopping!
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