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The Hard Life Artists

Moshi, Tanzania

The Hard Life Artists is a group of four talented youths from Moshi, Tanzania. Morgan Amani, Rodgers Jonas, David Mlay and Joseph Emanuel met in a shelter for street kids in 2009. Despite their hardships, they were determined to make something of their lives. With art being their focus outside of school, these boys established a studio/gallery in the centre, where they painted and created all types of art after school and on weekends. Recently, the four young men moved out of the shelter and are now living on their own. They have also rented studio space in Rau Village, where they work, and it also provides a space for local children to create art. aside from providing this free service, the Hard Life Artists also volunteer their time and skills at four local children's shelters, inspiring others to follow their dreams. The Hard Life Artists dream of one day opening an art academy. Until then they will continue to give back to their community in as many ways as possible, while supporting themselves through the sale of their own artwork. Their studio is becoming quite popular and has even been visited by American television celebrities.


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