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The House of Jas

'The House of Jas' has the latest print, textile and apparel productions of the Vancouver, Canada based artist, curator and documentarian James Warren Felter. A prominent figure in the west coast art scene, he has also established himself as an international disseminator of visual iconography through research, photography, the creation of artiststamps and more traditional art forms such as painting and printmaking. Always at the forefront of artistic expression, Felter has integrated streams of imagery both ancient and contemporary into his works of art throughout his career. Of primary interest has been pre-hispanic mural painting and the textile and ceramic products of the Shipibo Indians of the Upper Amazon. The glyphs which populate his singular works of graphic art are an extension of these influences and are now used as the key design element of the creations featured in 'The House of Jas'.
(photo credit: Alexander Kholopov)



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