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Tina Marohn

Edmonds, WA

Tina Marohn lives in the wonderful community of Edmonds, Washington next to the Puget Sound. She is now painting full time and enjoys working in a variety of medium such as acrylics, oils, watercolors and stained glass. Tina has been sharing her love for art with her local community for some time through classes, retreats and fundraising & awareness projects. She enjoys painting landscapes and simple daily moments in life. Tina is also an animal lover and has been successful at painting pet portraits for commissioned work. She gives back by donating part of those proceeds to animal rescue organizations.

Artist Statement
I am drawn to the simplistic beauty in daily experiences. I receive my inspiration from my travels abroad, the glorious natural environment in which I live and in my home with my family and feline friends. Every painting for me is a challenge and an opportunity for growth. I hope I can convey the joy and wonder to others, which I feel through my work.


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