Toronto, Canada

Todd Monk is an emerging realistic painter using a completely unique style of Pixilism, creating vibrantly beautiful, large scale paintings that are truly alluring. He methodically plans spectrums to produce these luscious pieces, while bursting with vibrant color. His "Pixilism" style is done with much detail so that when viewed from afar the painting is seemingly realistic, but once looking closer, one can behold the phenomenal amount of work gone into each and every single brush stroke laid on the canvas.

Born and raised in Toronto, Monk's work is defined by dedication to detail and recreating luminous feminine figures, not afraid to bridge sensuality with elegance. Monk's large scale and miniature works are painted with hundreds of Pixilated textures before achieving human-like tones. Meticulously rendered, his acrylic pieces employ his signature and realistic style to give the viewer the impression of a living, breathing, and sensual figure.

Monk explores beauty while presenting emotions of tranquility, and sensuality. He evokes excitement, inviting the spectator into a somewhat private environment, such as a woman swimming nude in her own privacy, eliciting a meditative juncture. Best known for his seductive figures, the viewer is captivated by the unseen, inner life of the subjects he portrays.


Latest creations