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Urban Stretch Design

San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula, California

We are friends and local artists in the San Francisco Bay Area! We work closely with our clients to deliver unique and custom art work printed on trendy clothing and other high quality items. You provide the artwork and choose the item or use one of our customizable art and product combinations.

Aquiles Palacios has been a photographer for almost 40 years! As a child he spent time in Mexico and California, embracing both cultures. He currently resides in San Francisco, one of his favorite muses, as shown by many of his landscape and street images. A small business owner by day, motorcycles and baseball battle with photography for his free time. He is often seen walking through San Francisco with his camera waiting to tell a story with pictures about the city he lives in. Always looking to challenge himself, his images range from landscape to portrait.

Rich Michaels has been painting for over 45 years. In high school he excelled at his mechanical drawing classes and worked as a draftsman during the summer months for engineers and architects. Initially, as a self-taught artist, abstract painting allowed him to explore outside the exacting demands of the drafting table. Now it’s more of a need to create, like a runner needs to run, he needs to paint. As an artist, Rich enjoys working with acrylics, watercolors, pencils, oil based crayons, stencils and more. He feels like there is an endless supply of art media and techniques yet to explore. He’s easily inspired by the art around him and wakes up every day, excited by the creative possibilities.

Melinda Lee is a frustrated entrepreneur and artist with a love for cool leggings! She recently retired from the Biotechnology industry after 32 years of hard time in planning and scheduling for manufacturing. She is a cannabis crusader who volunteers at a collective delivering to patients on the coast and peninsula. She is an all around cool chick who loves Bay Area sports, especially SF Giants Baseball!



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