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Virginie Planas : " I love experimenting and exploring the endless possibilities anodized aluminum has to offer. Different alloys and gauges leads to various designs, colors, textures and the use of new techniques.Achieving well handcrafted, comfortable and originally designed harmonious shapes has always been my main concern. Having worked with this amazing material for over 20 years, I’ve always felt challenged to innovate and come out with new styles"

Manifest Design was created in 1989 in Toronto, and then moved to a Montreal studio in 1991.

Owner, Virginie Planas, was born in France where she graduated from l'École des Beaux-Arts. Virginie works in collaboration with other artists to produce anodized aluminum art jewelry and objects.

Aluminum is the main medium used its flexibility and lightness allowing for a variety of interesting hand-sculpted forms.

Anodized aluminum is also used in industry to make airplane parts ; i pod cases; cookware and many other products. Manifest Design has developed its own method to adapt this electrochemical treatment to its needs.This process provides the aluminum with a hard porous shell.This glass like coating can then be left clear or, hand-painted, dyed and sealed with heat. This makes the material waterproof, durable and hypoallergenic..

The studio is located at 24 Mont-Royal Avenue West, suite 900, between St-Laurent Blvd and Clark.


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