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Fashion & Graphic Designer. Illustrator.

I have been working as a Freelancer on Internet.
My biggest achievement was to be able to participate in colouring books for adults and to be able to illustrate a book for kids.
Such as:

>Love Coloring Book: Creating More Through Color (Volume 2)
>Happy Coloring Book: The Secret To Creating More Through Color (Volume 3)
>MAGIC Merry Christmas and Amazing Winter Fantasies: Adult Colouring Book
>It’s Not a Saber-Tooth: Understanding and Coping with Anxiety

Now, i’m looking for more, i want to be able to get into each person, to be part of their life. That everyone can proudly have a piece of my work!

If you bought anything, first of all thanks a lot and second of all you’re awesome!
Also you can tag me on instagram @Weiliepew :)


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