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Corry MacDonald

Dubai, UAE

As a trained Artist/Cognitive Coach/Art Therapist and non-stop joy seeker, I work with others who want to discover and tap into their creative power. As I also utilize art-making to tuck into my inner world with it feels only right that I should play with creative ways to share my artwork.

Inspired deeply by scientist Masaru Emoto who shows in his book, 'The Miracle of Water', how water crystals shift shape when exposed to different frequencies of words. He shows that water exposed to words such as "love', 'gratitude', and 'beautiful' forms molecules of the most intricate and wonderful shapes. At the same time, words such as 'hate' or 'shut-up' when exposed to water form unslightly molecules with distorted shapes. Words are extensions of our thought, both our thoughts and spoken words produce energy vibrations. Emoto shows though his microscopic photos that these vibrations can change the vibrational resonance of water.

Us humans are composed of about 70% water, so thinking positive uplifting thoughts can lift our well being and those around us. This is what I hold in my core being as I create artwork from my heart.

What a better way to create than with no plan other than the intention to infuse every stroke with positive and uplifting energy. This is my method and intent, to not only lift my energy while I create from high vibe thoughts, but to surround others with uplifting and positive energy. From my heart-to the art on your clothes-to your soul-out to the world!

You're not just wearing art, you're changing yourself from the inside out!

With much care and love


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