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Kelly Stone Cramer photo

Kelly Stone Cramer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am a maker who is fascinated with the foundational elements in life. I am also a believer in doing things that fulfill my need to explore, discover, create. String art and photography are rejuvenating outlets for me to explore patterns inspired by the natural elements in life that are all around us (trees, flowers, sound waves, DNA, diatoms, times tables, etc.)

All of this creating is based on me recharging my happiness. It gives back to me as much as I hope these creations give to those putting them in their homes. I believe recharging happiness is an important part of living a full and thriving life. An excellent byproduct of this philosophy allows one to maintain balance while continuing to restore happiness often.

I am also many things besides an artist -- see other ways I recharge my happiness on my website: (empowerment books, uplifting messages in a photo blog and more are great tools to help myself and others recharge often).



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