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Josh was born in the small city of St. Thomas, Ontario. At the age of 6, he found inspiration in Inuit and aboriginal arts where he began to start tracing art out of art books. He was deeply interested in the way the art reached out to him. Also during this time, church was a big part of his family's life and spent many hours in services with his little sister. To keep himself and his only sister entertained, he began to craft simple to challenging mazes for her to try and complete to pass the time.

The two people that inspired Josh to continue his artistic journey were his mother and his friend Jospheh Golbia. His mom encouraged him to enter the Royal Canadian Legion Armistice Day Poster contest and he won in regional and the provincial contest in Alberta. He then won 1st place in the Junior National category. In the next few years, during Josh's adolescent life, he lost interest in producing art. Like many other young adult, he found himself in a dark period of his life. His mother introduced him to an Ethiopian refugee artist, named Jospheh Golbia who took him under his wing and began mentoring him. Jospheh showed him that art was an outlet to express his feelings and to believe in himself. This opened his eyes to create art for his own healing process.

In 2002, having a family of his own, Josh sat down at the kitchen table and painted his first maze in black and white in acrylic. He named it Sadie's Touch. Over the next few years, Josh produced many mazes and abstract art works based on life experiences and events in the world that greatly affected him. He created River City Mazing and went to local flee markets and festivals selling posters, paintings and maze books.

Presently, Josh thinks of himself as an outsider artist and art in his life has come full cycle and he wants to instill in his children the same rewards that art gave him over the years. And would also like to share the healing power of art with everyone around him.
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