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Hamburg, Germany

The printed pictures of Mandaliko are drawn by my mentally ill mom. She has a social phobia and depression. She doesn't leave her home or has friends anymore. There is not much joy in her life. But when she draws her amazing pictures she is in a different world. For her it is like meditating.

Nothing is drawn on computer. Everything is drawn by hand on DIN A3 paper. On the prints you gonna see every single filigree line and irregularity in her detailed work.

In her daily life there is not much what motivates her. Her social workers gave her opportunities to show her pictures on a exhibition. But she is afraid someone gonna steal her pictures. But when I told her about my idea to print her detailed drawn art on leggings and other things she was highly impressed and happy. She is super excited about the idea people wearing the pictures SHE has drawn and is so happy and can't believe that it is possible nowadays... :)

5 % of the profit are going to charities for mental illness.

But let's get started first and enjoy my mom's art! :D
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