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Melvin War Eagle photo

Melvin War Eagle

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

The War Eagle Collection is the creation of Native American artist Melvin War Eagle. Showcased throughout each piece, is the essence of a strong and vibrant heritage spanning over many generations. Founded in 2015, our new War Eagle Collection combines an old world Culture with a modern contemporary twist.

As this Native American Artist travels the world, his experiences of life and connection are always close to his heart and intertwined into the fabric of each designer piece. This is what we call living Art.

It is this experience that gives Melvin's Art a mystifying and romantic feel; the essence of any exceptional accessory. Our aim is to share with you the magnificence, quality, and inspiration Melvin War Eagle has created.

All artwork is the copyright of Melvin War Eagle. No Artwork can be used or displayed without Artist Permission



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