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Perdita Marsh


I was born in 1979 in the United Kingdom. I grew up in a large, cold, creaky Victorian house full of cobwebs, spending long hours alone inventing new places and creatures in my head. At nine years old I made my first attempt at ‘realistic sculpting’: a bird made from clay I dug up from the garden, covered in feathers collected from the park.

I didn't know I truly wanted to ‘be’ an artist for a long time. After working as a clinical microbiologist for a while, I returned to education. I found myself enjoying design classes most. I began working freelance as a web designer and graphic artist, eventually enrolling on an illustration degree. I worked on numerous commercial projects as a prop designer, concept artist and cover illustrator for authors, indie film-makers and small videogames companies. In 2008, I realized I wanted to express myself more in my work, and that designing, sculpting and selling as an ‘artist’ under my own name was possible too. I'm now a full time self-taught artist and sculptor, living in Cornwall, U.K..


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