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Rabbit Hole Design

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

At 6 years old, while doing my first paint-by-number, I was convinced I would be an artist when I grew up. At 14, I was sure I wanted to be a singer-songwriter. Despite being very lucky to have parents who nurtured my creativity and having both a music and art education, there was always the question of being practical and being able to earn a living. My idea of "being practical" was to try everything creative under the sun: graphic design, sign-painting, clothing design, athletic-wear design, costume design, theatre design and production, hat design ... and, finally, in my mid-thirties I came full circle and started painting again, as well as writing, performing, arranging and recording my own music. I have since added photography to my creative expression, being limited physically in the past few years to be able to paint and play music as I would like to. I am extremely grateful to Art Of Where being here and giving me the opportunity to place my art on products, a dream I've had for quite a while.



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