Art of Where
Shmueli Bell photo

Shmueli Bell

Leeds, England

Shmueli has always had a fascination with creating things, as a child he spent much of his time colouring. His mother Ruth Bell is a tapestry artist and has always been an inspiration to him.“before I could even talk I was sneaking up into her weaving room and playing with multicoloured yarns”.

At 7 he got his first computer and started using paint to depict visions from his vast imagination and since then he’s been enchanted by his ever growing creativity.

"If we look deeply enough within ourselves we discover that we are all connected with nature, like many cells in a single body we are all related with every human, animal, bird, tree, and river we share our planet with."

Inspired by his calling to be a voice for nature and reforest and our earth with seeds of creativity he communicates through art, music, video and animation mixing modern and ancient techniques he see’s his work as a bridge between where we are coming from and where we are going to.

Shumeli has traveled and lived in 15 countries as a digital nomad, filmmaker and artist “In the footprints of my ancestor Abraham I feel a calling to travel and unite with all races and peoples to share a common vision of love, oneness, and peace”.

He is currently based in Leeds, England.


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