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Susan Isaac

Sooke, BC

Susan is an artisan designer specializing in one-of-a- kind luxury jewelery and custom pieces using ancient Egyptian fused-glass techniques. Glass designs are uniquely translated into wearable art, accessories, home décor and paper products. After decades in academia and corporate education, she rediscovered her creative soul and the metamorphosis to artist began.
Susan’s mission is to transform people by sharing how heat and the unpredictable, slightly dangerous medium of glass transforms colour, creates mysterious depth and beauty, not easily forgotten; a powerful metaphor for the moments in life that forge our rich depth and brilliance. Inspired by nature and the symbol of transformation - the butterfly – her designs celebrate your unique moments in life, possibilities to come and reflect your inner beauty, reminding that, ‘you really can fly!’
Whether given as a gift or purchased for yourself, Susan’s uplifting designs are a reminder you took the road less travelled and prevailed. Your stories deserve to be remembered, worn or kept close to your heart.
Susan has specialized in glass design since 1997, and now uniquely translates glass design into wearable art, accessories, home décor and paper products. She has had the privilege of learning from some of the most accomplished glass masters in North America.


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