Art of Where


When are orders refundable?

Orders are refundable when:

  1. Art of Where is unable to produce part or all of your order due to a limitation of our manufacturing equipment.
  2. You request a change or cancellation to the order and the order has not started production.
  3. We may hold an order due to an artwork concern. In this case, it is usually best to refund the order so the artist can redo the artwork and remake the order. Art of Where does not check for artwork quality before printing! It is up to the artist to upload the correct dpi and quality for printing. In some cases, usually with wholesale orders, if we do recognize a major quality concern like pixelated artwork, we will get in touch with the customer and hold the order from further processing. Is not guaranteed though that we will catch and hold your order! Please make sure you are comfortable with your artwork quality before ordering, especially on larger orders. If we do hold your order, only the pieces that have not entered production will qualify for a refund.