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I’m not sure if the digital files I am uploading are good enough quality for printing. How do I check?

Due to the volume of products designed on Art of Where every day (even every hour) we cannot check on the quality of the uploaded image. It is up to you to be aware of your image quality when designing a product.

We do have a very simple way to help you determine if your artwork will print correctly. When designing, please watch for the DPI indicator found in the bottom left hand corner of the image box. The DPI indicator is the small circle that changes colour as you shrink and enlarge your artwork. The different colour circles indicate the dpi of the printed image. A green dot indicates the artwork is 150 dpi or greater and will give a good print. A yellow dot indicates that the artwork is passable but not great. If you have a better resolution image, please upload it instead! A red dot indicates a low dpi and the image will more than likely print pixelated or blurry. Never submit products to the AOW stores that is in the red since it will result in a blurry print for the person who buys it.

Please keep these 2 things in mind when designing:

  1. The mockup image on the screen is much smaller than a product is in real life. For this reason, the image may look ok when viewed on the screen but when translated in a real life product, it will not be a quality print.
  2. Even if the dpi of your original image is high but the image itself is blurry (like for say a picture of a flower but your hand was shaking when you took it), the print will also be blurry. A print can only be as good as your original artwork. If you blow out the pixels of an image by resetting a low dpi of say 72 to a higher dpi of 150, the image will still print blurry even though you increased the dots density. There are many websites that go over the basics of dpi and what to look for in a good image.

Here’s a few pages we found via google: